Focused attention for older children

Private or small group training to help children improve their fundamental movement skills in a more focused environment.

Aimed at 8 to 12 year olds who:

  • Have been identified as having below age-appropriate core strength, gross motor skills or coordination. Often this presents as an inability to concentrate in class, tiring easily when doing homework, struggling to master sports skills, or avoiding physical tasks.
  • Are not very active, don’t enjoy exercise, or who struggle to see themselves as someone who identifies as being fit and active.
  • Would like to get more out of their sports programs, by improving their body awareness, strength and fitness.
  • Would like to gain more confidence in their body, so that they feel more comfortable taking part in physical activities.
  • Are currently being treated by an OT, Kinderkineticist or Physiotherapist, and have been advised to add to their treatment protocol with an additional, focused gross motor and strength skills session weekly.

The Fit Kids way

A quality movement program is a vital part of a well-rounded education – especially during the foundation years. Not just to burn energy or start building sport skills, but to actually build the brain connections that children need for learning in all areas of their life.

Fit Kids is not a sport skills program. It’s an exercise life-skills program, laying a solid foundation for children to succeed in all areas of their development.

Research shows that the right exercise ‘diet’ has an incredible impact on learning readiness, concentration, memory skills, problem solving, reading and writing skills, emotional regulation, social integration, and more.

There are so many reasons for this, like how the brain releases a protein called BDNF when we exercise, that stimulates new brain cells and connections to grow. Or, how every time we practice a new movement, the brain builds pathways to help make the movement more successful next time around, and then uses these same pathways for learning other skills like reading.

Endorsed by OTs & education specialists

The Fit Kids program is designed to do three things:

  • Meet children’s physical development needs
  • Present exercise in a fun, engaging and memorable way
  • Build a positive mindset and attitude towards exercise

Lesson plans are built around 9 building blocks of physical development, that every OT will tell you are vital for optimal development and learning:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Core strength
  • Coordination
  • Midline crossing
  • Locomotion
  • Motor planning
  • Spatial awareness
  • Proprioception
  • Balance

Fit Kids is the perfect balance of the right exercises, having fun through exercise, and laying a strong foundation for future physical activity or sports.

How Fit Kids Personal Training works

Personal training sessions are 1 hour long, and include a mix of fitness, strength, exercise principles and mindset training, to help each child take ownership of their progress and make it a part of their lives.

Sessions take place at a private studio, with between 1 and 3 children in each class. The cost remains the same per hour regardless of the number of children in the class, i.e. 2 or 3 children are able to share the hourly rate between them.

Don’t just take our word for it

‘How you have managed to transform a boy who hated anything to do with sport or moving his body, into someone who counts the days until he gets to do Fit Kids again, is beyond me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Rogan!

– Liesl, mom of Rogan

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