Celebrate with a Fit Kids party!

Don’t be surprised if your Fit Kids coach is at the top of your child’s invite list!

Fit Kids fun

Our parties are like a ‘highlights package’ of all of our most popular, exciting, high energy games and activities. We’re always innovating and trying new things, so our parties are a good mix of games the children may know, and some new activities to keep them captivated and entertained.

We’ll bring all of our equipment to a venue of your choice, and provide an hour of Fit Kids fun for your birthday boy or girl and their guests. Whether it’s your home, a sports club, a school, or even the park – as long as there’s a bit of space to run around, we can make it work.

We don’t have our own venue, but may be able to recommend something in your area if you’d rather not host the party at home.

‘Thanks for such an amazing party.  You really captivated Noah and his friends and it was fantastic to see everyone getting involved and having fun.  What a great day, definitely one to remember.  Thank you!’

– Amanda, Camps Bay.

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