Fit Kids

Hi, I’m Simon McQueen.

I created Fit Kids in May 2014, because I noticed that I couldn’t find an exercise and movement program for my 5 year old son, that offered him the kind of quality I thought his growing body and mind needed.

There were plenty of options out there, but none that I loved.

Certainly none that offered the mix of high quality fundamental movement activities that I knew could make all the difference to his development and performance.  And none that excited him, or made him feel great about what his body could do.

I took a leap of faith and threw all of my experience as a primary school teacher, sports coach, entrepreneur, parent and life-long believer in the power of a healthy active lifestyle, and created Fit Kids: A childhood exercise program of the highest quality.  

Fit Kids is designed to be the exact mix of movement experiences that children need to thrive.  

And, just as important to me – lessons are intentionally delivered in a way that builds personal confidence and self esteem, no matter what your unique body is capable of.

Now, 5 years later, my children continue to inspire me to bring what Fit Kids has done for them, to children everywhere. The Fit Kids movement is growing, with more children, more schools, and more coaches signing up and reaping the huge benefits of the Fit Kids way, every day.

I still spend much of my time teaching Fit Kids classes, but also put plenty of energy into innovation and improvement, training Fit Kids coaches, up-skilling school teachers, educating parents, and creating awareness in communities.

I’m privileged to have the support of an expert panel in this, who share my vision for doing as much as we can to improve early childhood development and performance through movement.

About Fit Kids coaches

Fit Kids coaches are dedicated career coaches, meaning that building children’s exercise life skills is a lifestyle to them, not just a part time job.

Find out more about the Fit Kids coaches here.

We’re actively looking to expand to communities across South Africa (and even further afield) through our online coach training programme.  If you or someone you know cares about bringing the Fit Kids way to children everywhere as much as we do, this is the site to visit.

Setting children up for success in school, sport and life

All areas of a child’s growth and development are interwoven.  Presenting exercise as a life-skill (as opposed to sport-based skills) means that we can play a huge role in setting children up for not just physical fitness, but mental, social and emotional too.

Start here if you’d like to find out about Fit Kids classes for your child.

A fundamental movement programme of the highest quality

As a teacher, you’ll know that the right movement ‘diet’ has an incredible impact on learning readiness, concentration, memory skills, problem solving, reading and writing skills, emotional regulation, social integration, and more.

Find our how Fit Kids can become a part of your school’s morning routine here.