What is Fit Kids?

Fit Kids is an exercise life skills program for 1.5 to 12 year olds. It's designed to be the exact mix of movement skills that children need to thrive, delivered in a way that makes them feel great about what they're capable of.

Body & brain development

We all know that exercise builds the strength and fitness children need for physical development. But, did you know that more and more research is showing how important exercise is for brain development? The right type of exercises build the brain connections children need for reading, writing, problem solving, concentration, memory skills and more.

A healthy love of exercise

Our lessons are intentionally designed to be fun, engaging and interesting, so that children love coming back week after week and look forward to their Fit Kids class. We also put a lot of effort into laying the foundation for a long term positive relationship with exercise, setting children up for a healthy, active lifestyle, whatever their natural sporting ability may be.

Always interesting

Learning, growing and trying new things in our classes is really important to the Fit Kids team. We've engaged an expert panel of OTs, Physios, Kinderkineticists, school teachers and other professionals to review our lesson plans, and make sure that everything we do is the best it can be. There's no waiting around for turns or feeling bored in a Fit Kids class - guaranteed!

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